Reduce Your Plastic Waste

  If you would like to Reduce your Plastic Waste, Please visit our store where we have many things you can buy to replace single-use plastic in your life. By Supporting us you are funding our organisation to help clean plastic pollution from the ocean. Reduce Your Use of Single-Use Plastics. Plastic is one of the biggest environmental problems facing modern society. While recycling plastic and using biodegradable plastics are ways to help reduce this problem, there are many other actions you can take and much more you can do to dramatically reduce your participation in this ever-growing crisis. Here’s a list of suggestions about how you can participate in reducing the amount of plastic pollution that may be harming the environment and your health.

1) Stop Using Disposable Water Bottles.

Stop Using Disposable water bottles Instead, use a refillable bottle or even a filtered water pitcher/filtration system at home with reusable filters such as PUR or Brita filters. Also, when you can drink filtered water from reusable metal water bottles or ceramic cups that are actually intended for hot drinks like coffee and tea.

2) Buy Scrubbers That Don’t Use Any Plastic Discs.

Buy scrubbers for your faucets that don’t use any plastic discs. This is a great way to reduce the amount of plastic you produce on an everyday basis. Instead of using single-use plastic scouring pads to clean your dishes and pots, simply buy these silicone brushes that work the same way but do not use any toxic plastics. You Can Get These From Our Store.

3) Buy Bamboo Cutlery & chopsticks

Buy Bamboo Cutlery & chopsticks instead. Bamboo cutlery are a great replacement for plastic forks and knives because they are reusable, and very low impact on the environment to manufacture. While you use your own bamboo cutlery, you have reduced the amount of plastic that you use on a daily basis. Stop using cutlery. Again, purchase a set of Bamboo Cutlery and avoid using any single-use plastic cutlery as much as possible. You Can Get These From Our Store.

4) Buy Metal Straws

Buy metal straws. These too are alternatives to paper and plastic straws that can be purchased at most craft stores or online (You Can Get These From Our Store too). All you need is the right size of metal straws for whatever drink you’re drinking so that you don’t have to worry about using another piece of single-use plastic with your drinks. Metal Straws will also last an extraordinarily long time. You Can Get These From Our Store.

5) Reduce the amount of garbage you produce

Reduce the amount of garbage you produce. Use trash bags with less plastic than usual (These Can Be Purchased On Our Store), use your own containers (like a water bottle for your snack from the store, or some Tupperware) so that you don’t need to buy unnecessary packaging, and reduce the number of things you buy in general. More on reducing your consumption can be found here: .

6) Buy reusable, eco-friendly k-cups so that you can reduce the amount of plastic used

Buy reusable, eco-friendly k-cups so that you can reduce the amount of plastic used. There are many kinds of reusable k-cups you can purchase that will allow you to use a single coffee maker or french press while avoiding having to buy any more k-cups or coffee pods. This is also a great way to make your own coffee without making a mess for yourself or for the environment.

9) Use Reusable Produce Bags

Buy reusable produce bags at most grocery stores in the produce section. These are a great way to get rid of the plastic wasteful baggies that can be found on regular produce, and they also make more room for you to put your vegetables in these reusable bags. They are great for using with mesh produce bags so that you can save even more space when packing your groceries into the car. You Can Get These From Our Store.

Our Mission

Our mission and first responsibility are to eliminating plastic and ocean pollution affecting all the humans and marine life on the planet.